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Wholesale Distribution Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Business Application Development
  • Works With

    Hyper-V, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, Session Virtualization - Remote Desktop Session Host, Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Industry Focus


MBS Dev Distribution Suite is a completely integrated enterprise-wide software system that satisfies an extensive range of software requirements for distributors. Some of the functionality it provides includes:

- High Volume Distribution: Creates Workstations that give your employees the information and capabilities they need to service customers while reducing operational overhead.

- Pricing, Bids, Rebates & Contracts: MBS Dev utilizes pipeline technology to allow for modifying the hierarchy of pricing at the customer level; Bid Workstation allows users to create and modify professional customer bids for the sales organization; Contract Workstation allows users to easily create and maintain contracts; Rebates can be captured at the warehouse or global level.

- eCommerce: MBS Dev's eCommerce platform is designed to meet the toughest B2B and B2C website requirements and keep the sales force connected anywhere they have internet access.

- CRM: Allows organizations to track and leverage customer interactions to respond to customers more quickly and efficiently. CRM also helps businesses automate routine tasks and store information in a way that is integrated with the rest of the business.

- Warehouse: Provides insight into your inventory and the warehouse management tools to help you increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs

- Forecasting: Minimizes the amount of error in forecasting, allowing you to better anticipate variations in demand.

- E-Business: Includes a set of standard inbound and outbound processing documents mapped to your database, for conducting e-business with your customers.

The MBS Dev Distribution Solution delivers an online procurement channel, manages everything from financials to forecasting, and helps increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs. It’s everything distributors need, specialized by industry.

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