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Vibe Social Networking for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by Sonoma Partners

Chances are, you’ve used a social networking site like Twitter and Facebook, or you’re at least familiar with one. These sites have spanned generational gaps in technology and built communities based on educational and family ties, hobbies and political interests.

Rising to the challenge of building a business case to support the popularity and ease of use in social networking applications with the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sonoma Partners created Vibe—an application driven by CRM data that enables users to see instant updates of the information they want to see, then comment and collaborate on it. Sales teams stay in the loop on key efforts from the marketing and customer service teams without having to click through multiple locations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

How does it work? Start with a collection of data feeds, specific to a user, team or other group. Users select the feeds they want to see, so they get the information most relevant to them. Posts to each feed are made automatically based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM data or manually as contributions from other users. The end result: An environment for communities and collaboration in your organization that helps drive user adoption of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

User and Group Feeds: Updates are comments related to a feed, specific to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM user, business group or team. All feeds and entries are stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

User Profiles and Subscriptions: Users select the feeds to which they want to subscribe so they see the information most relevant to them. They also can opt to receive real-time notification of updates in Vibe, a daily or weekly e-mail report of their feeds, or access their updates from Vibe’s mobile client.

Automated Content: In addition to status updates and comments posted by users, you can configure automated updates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s workflow engine for milestones such as launching a marketing campaign, winning an opportunity, or resolving a case.

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Vibe...My Inbox and I thank you

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Vibe Rocks

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