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Microsoft Dynamics Labs

Productivity Pack for Microsoft Dynamics

by Microsoft Dynamics Labs

Using Connector for Microsoft Dynamics and this Productivity Pack, you can add value to your investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 through:

Shortened Receivables time and having more cash available for your business

Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Connector can help you manage invoicing and collections with less effort and more success. Imagine how shortening your order-to-cash time can help you have the cash you need to reinvest in your business. And in these times of tight credit, access to cash is king.

Speeding up customer credit approvals:

Processing the paperwork involved in getting new customers approved for credit can be a time drain for both your sales people and your accounting team. Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Connector automates the credit approval workflow so the accounting team doesn’t have to chase paperwork, sale can close faster and, again, you can shorten order-to-cash time.

Saving hours on the phone with front-office staff:

Sales and customer service representatives need to know things like the status of a customer refund, how much credit a customer has, whether a payment was received, and when an order was shipped. Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Connector provides a window into your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. You maintain control of can see what information. The front-office staff get faster answers so they can serve customers better. And your accounting team saves valuable work hours.

Saving hours on data entry and troubleshooting:

When sales orders are entered in two different systems by two sets of people, you waste time and introduce more possibilities for error. Microsoft Dynamics solutions help you reduce redundant data entry so that you get invoices out faster, get them right the first time, and shorten order-to-cash time.

All this is accomplished through additional out-of-the-box data integration and workflow support for these business processes in this Productivity Pack.

Support for the Productivity Pack for Microsoft Dynamics is handled through the Dynamics GP Community and it is not supported by Microsoft Support.

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