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Industrial Equipment Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

by To-Increase

Companies in the industrial equipment manufacturing (IEM) industry produce some of the most complex products in the world. To achieve operational efficiency and maintain profitability in the face of strict environmental regulations and global competition, manufacturers must extend their business into new regions and seize new revenue opportunities.

To-Increase IEM for Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides companies with the means to streamline processes, increase productivity, and focus on growing their business. Through a selection of adaptable, attractively priced add-ons, To-Increase extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to help industrial equipment manufacturers take advantage of global opportunities, realize a significant value from business partnerships, and empower employees with efficient business processes.

To-Increase IEM for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an end-to-end solution for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers including manufacturing, life cycle - and project management. Featuring a fully integrated sales process as well as fully integrated logisitics with the possibility to maintain Job Pegged Inventory.

Project based manufacturing is an implementation of lean where manufacturing is demand driven with every customer order handled as a project. Create job specific production -, purchase - or transfer orders. Settings per item determine if requirements are drawn from general or job pegged inventory.

When the project is complete create Deliveries from the project or use the deliverable function to create an as installed structure to be transferred to the installed base as part of the Dynamics NAV service module.
Manage the project with cost - and activity breakdown structures and combine cost elements and activities into Job Tasks as specific work packages.

Maintain Job Budgets and easiliy create new Job Budget versions to track the progress of the project. Set a progress % per task and calculate a forecast to show an Estimate at Completion per Job Task with the option to set warning levels.

Invoicing is based on an extended Time & Material or Fixed Price with the option to link payment stages to milestones in the project.

Contact To-Increase to learn how IEM for Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you to meet the challenge of increasing project costs and customer demands

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