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Customer Effective: FinServ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by Customer Effective

Customer Effective: FinServ is a purpose built CRM solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and provided by Customer Effective explicitly for Financial Services professionals across Insurance, Capital Markets, and Banking.

Customer Effective:FinServ is the easiest way to add CRM capabilities to any financial services organization that uses Microsoft Office system applications, including Outlook and SharePoint.

This vertical solution has been deployed to thousands of financial services users, including Insurance Carriers and Brokers, Loan Officers, Wealth and Asset Managers, Private Equity and Investment Bankers, Commercial Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers, and more.

Customer Effective helps Financial Services companies improve performance through the effective use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Because we are 100% focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have the expertise to provide deep functional knowledge and technical development capabilities to our partners and customers.

Our User First Design Formula is our field-proven implementation approach for delivering Performance Improvement. Because the success of any CRM solution depends on how it is embraced by the users, we focus on user adoption as the single most critical aspect of the CRM implementation for a maximum return on investment, unlike our competitors who focus on the technology alone. Customer Effective was recently listed on Inc. 500's Fastest Growing Companies and has won numerous Microsoft awards for our success. We, however, think our greatest success lies within our customer base and the success stories they have developed leveraging CRM and our expert assistance.

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