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Microsoft Dynamics Labs

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Healthcare Management Process

by Microsoft Dynamics Labs
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    Public Sector
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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
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This business process is designed to help nurses, physician assistants, and hospital administrators screen patients, provide appropriate counseling, and schedule follow-up appointments for patients. This solution gives visibility into the status of high priority cases, and the overall status of the organization’s outreach efforts.

This solution includes:
• A business process to help healthcare providers handle and assess patient calls effectively.
• Dashboards to track patient cases, oversee the screening process, and evaluate outreach efforts.
• Workflows to create a new screening form from a case for data entry, and to schedule a follow-up appointment with a dietician or other clinician.
• The Screening form custom entity.
• Demo data so that you can experiment with the process and see how it works.

Important: This solution is not supported by Microsoft. It is intended to serve only as a template for customizations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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