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Drag And Drop Listbox

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“Drag And Drop Listobx” is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. It allows users to setup two listboxes, one as Source (on left hand side with available values) and another as Target (on right hand side with chosen values). User can drag desired values from Source to Target listbox and can save a record with dragged values.

Say for instance, on a Candidate form (a custom entity in CRM), user wants to provide a list of below hobbies in Source listbox.

-Social Networking

While filling the details for a candidate, end user will be allowed to select the hobbies of that candidate from Source listbox to Target listbox and also save a record with elected values. So, as per your business necessity you can configure this tool on built-in as well as custom entities of Dynamics CRM.

Furthermore, this add-on supports following deployment types of CRM.

- On-premises
- Online
- Offline

Below Microsoft technologies were used to develop it.

- Silver light 4.0
- C# .Net 4.0 (CRM plug-ins)
- CRM SDK version 5.0.4

“Drag And Drop Listbox” behaves like a user control which helps customer(s) to design a CRM form with selective values as per their business need and at present, such control is not present out-of-the-box in Dynamics CRM 2011.

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